Ashlee's solo exhibition tiled: Flagging Opinion is on at MAMA and runs from July 28 - Aug 12, 2018.

Flagging Opinion examines the role of the Australian Flag in contemporary Australian life. Laing investigates the schisms of esteem, novelty and identity in an installation that brings together photographs of himself and objects he has made from the Australian Flag.

In the gallery space these photographs are placed within a soundscape of voices that vocalise comments made on social media about his work, Untitled (Oi, Oi, Oi), which was removed from the BUILDING | ART ON WALLS project in Tallangatta 36 hours after it was installed.

Ashlee is part of a group show curated by Enrico Gomez at Trestle Gallery in NYC Jan 19 - Feb 28, 2018
Cultural Project Grant
Ashlee has received funding from Regional Arts Victoria for his project; BUILDING | ART ON WALLS
Arts Project Grant
Ashlee has received funding from The Australia Council for the Arts for his project; BUILDING | ART ON WALLS

B|AOW places the work of 4 contemporary Australian artists within the expatriated streetscape of the NE Victorian village of Tallangatta. It aims to be a process for rural the community to experience contemporary Australian art practice and to engage with the themes presented in the artists’ work. Each of the four artists will produce new work resulting in large scale “paste-ups” that will be installed upon buildings within the township. Positioning artworks in a regional public context will surprise some viewers not expecting to see this kind of discourse in a small country town. Unlike other public art projects in rural communities BUILDING | ART ON WALLS is about engaging and challenging our community with contemporary art practice and ideas that reflect people’s current lives and concerns.

The artist involved in the project are: Steven Rhall (Melbourne), Ashlee Laing (Tallangatta), Raquel Ormella (Canberra) and, Belinda Fraser (Tallangatta).
Incinerator Art Award: Art for Social Change
Ashlee's large scale F(l)ag Man (actioned) has been selected as a finalist for the Incinerator Art Award: Art for Social Change. For this award the image will exist as a large scale billboard and positioned on the grounds of the gallery. The finalists are: Lachlan Anthony, Zanny Begg, Peter Burke, Peter Cheng & Molly Biddle, Kevin Chin, Catherine Clover, Perran Costi, Adam Cusack, Gabrielle de Vietri, Julia deVille, Lauren Dunn, Kailum Graves, Matthew Greaves, Paul Handley, Deanna Hitti, Dominic Kavanagh, Deborah Kelly, Bridget Kennedy, Laresa Kosloff, Kristian Laemmle-Ruff, Ashlee Laing, Ben Landau, Sonia Leber & David Chesworth, Jorge Mansilla, Elyss McCleary, Sarah McEwan, Shane McGrath, Kent Morris, Salar Niknafs, Lani Seligman, Nola Taylor, Frank Veldze, Elvis Richardson & Virginia Fraser, Louisa Wang, Dianna Wells, Bethany Wheeler
Untitled (Bush Vandal) is part of the group show Laughing Waters Road . The exhibition accompanies the launch of Jane Woollard's book, Laughing Waters Road:Art, Landscape and Memory in Eltham. Saturday, 30 January 2016
Free Trade Zone (Phase 1) - Project Development
Free Trade Zone is a project Ashlee is developing while in residence at ArtsBox (Maribyrnong City Council Artist Residency Program) from September 16 - October 26, 2015. Phase 1 sees the shipping container being used as a photographic studio. The public are invited to come and have their portraits taken free-of-charge. A composite portrait will be installed upon 56 shipping containers, loaded on to a cargo ship and distributed globally in 2016.
West Projections 2015
Untitled (New policy), a performance collaboration with NZ artist - Melissa Laing will screen as part of West Projections curated by Chantel Wynter from Aug 6 - 22
2014 Bowness Photography Prize
Ashlee's large scale photograph F(l)ag Man (Actioned) has been short-listed for the 2014 Bowness Photography Prize
Ashlee has been selected as one of the artists for PICTURE BERLIN 2014; an intensive hybrid artist in residence program in Berlin, Germany. Ashlee's participation in the residency has been funded by The Ian Potter Cultural Trust.
Ashlee's video work Bush Vandal (Green Wash) has been shortlisted for the 2013 ARTECYCLE Art Award & Exhibition at the Incinerator Gallery
Photography Prize Finalist
Ashlee's Untitled (Half Caste) has been shortlisted for the 2013 Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award.
The Rumpus Room
The Rumpus Room is a space for artists to show work-in-progress before it falls into the hypnotic, vacillating carousel of pay-as-you-go galleries or before it is swept away into the fast-flowing, treacherous current of the contemporary consumer art market. Located in a downtown suburban garage, The Rumpus Room offers visual artists and performance artists a space in which to simply come play. It
seeks to create an interval for the development of experimental and unresolved work so that the artist and their work can engage with peer and audience response. Remaining true to the definition of rumpus room, The Rumpus Room is all about having fun and playing.

Ashlee and his partner ran The Rumpus Room from Janurary 2013 to November 2015.
Ashlee is part of a group exhibition by Masters of Contemporary Art candidates at the Student Gallery, VCA. The exhibition is titled 25% runs from July 23-27 with the official opening on Tuesday July 24th 6-8pm
Ashlee will curate and exhibit in an group show at The Substaion, Newport in November 2012 with other artists studying a Masters of Contemporary Art at VCA
Ashlee will present new photo-object installations in a solo exhibition titled: Sculpted Selves at Kings ARI in Melbourne November 2012
Ashlee will be the artist in residence at Laughing Waters from August to September 2012